Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Wonderland

The snow has stopped falling, the sun is trying to come out, and it's beautiful weather for staying in and finishing up those pesky WIPs or diminishing Your stash. :)

On my back porch there are a 5 inches of snow.

Not sure how accurate that is. Since the wind was blowing yesterday, i suspect we probably got more.

Since going out is out of the question, i've been knitting. Here's the Sunday Sock Knitters' Mystery Stocking as far i can get it (Jane, is the heel going to be the main colour or the contrasting colour?). i enjoyed learning the mosaic stitch pattern.

An excellent stash-busting project for this sort of weather is Calorimetry, since it takes less than 100 yards of worsted weight yarn.

Have fun and stay warm!

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