Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday Sock Knitters' Knit A Long

The Sunday Sock Knitters (or SSK, for short) created by Juliann, met yesterday afternoon from 1-3. While we were founded as a yarn-and-pattern swap group, the supply of yarn and patterns is piling up, so we're taking a few months off and trying something new. Jane is kindly writing a mystery Christmas stocking pattern for us, which she's doling out a piece at a time. Ah, the suspense!

She went over the pattern with us (looking over the mountain of stash swap yarn on the table),
then assisted us through the concept of a bobble that wasn't knitted into your knitting (to be attached later jester-jingle-bellwise to the points on the cuff, if desired).
After that, we tackled the lace cuff
which has a respite of stockinette and ribbing before beginning the slipped-stitch panel. O_o More on that as knits warrant!

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