Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, New Projects--

What's new with you all? With all this cold weather, I'm more inspired to knit than to hike. I've finished my Christmas knitting, and I'm sneaking up on some lace projects-- thinking about a Pi shawl, thinking about a Print o'the Waves. I'm a little shy of it, but I'm sure that the folks at Hand Held will help keep me on the right track.

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Joy M said...

Oh, faithful blogger, your knitting thoughts are right in line with mine! I'm back to my own knitting and enjoying that, if not the cold weather. I'm so inspired by your lace aspirations. I've been busy with several projects but lace has not been one of them - it is so much fun! I'll keep that in mind for the near future. You will love it - I think it is right up your knitting alley.