Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh my gosh it's the Holidays

Well, It's November 18th. Sounds innocent enough doesn't it. Well folks it's time to panic! Next week is Thanksgiving, followed quickly by Christmas. You were probably aware of that, and somewhere in the back of my mind I knew it too, but now it's really hitting me. I did cut back on my holiday knitting aspirations, but somehow that didn't help and I'm still woefully behind. I will push on though and get my 2 small and 1 big project done. (I'm not saying what they are, so as not to be held accountable if they're not finished) I'm particularly envious of our knitters( you know who you are) who planned well and started in July and are now coasting.
We also have another issue at the shop(besides my whining about not being done) and that is, now in our new shop we have windows. That means window displays!!!. So far it's been fun. Now it's time to put the tree in the window and we have no knitted ornaments. Last year we made a tree for auction for the the Alzheimers Association and all our wonderful knitters pitched in and made hand knit ornaments. WELL, CALLING ALL KNITTERS, WE NEED YOUR HELP AGAIN FOR THE SHOP TREE. We will provide scrap yarn if you guys will help us knit ornaments again. This Thursday on our regular knit group night we will have treats and eggnog so that we can get you in the spirit and then spring the yarn on you. If you have any scraps your welcome to bring them too. The Lighting on the Square is Saturday so it would be great to have a presentable tree for that night. I know that all our wonderful friends will help us out and it will be a great community knitted tree.
This will be our 1st holiday season in our new store, and though we truly miss our little house around the corner it is exciting to be so visable and to have a fresh new place to make more memories. Hope to see you all soon.