Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not doing too good...

I'm not doing very well on my New Years resolution to write every week on our blog and to post pictures. I can give you a lot of excuses but I won't. I'll just try harder. Nothing has slowed down in the New Year. Things are hopping at the shop. We are having a winter clearance sale this week and despite the " Icky" weather we have seen a lot of people. I always get excited with a sale thinking about what we can fill those empty shelves with. We have sock yarn from Mountain Colors on the way(bearfoot) and are looking at others. I would like to get more small mill things this year as well as some local goods. I'm also excited about the fiber festival being planned for this fall. Some lovely and industrious people are heading it up and have asked us to be involved in it. If anybody out there is interested let me know because I can tell it's going to be well planned and wonderful. I'm not sure what role the shop will play but we will do what we can to be part of it.
My husband and I took a short trip to Taos NM this last week (my first) and talk about being in "fiber heaven" La Lana Wools was inspiring and made me want to spend more time on all aspects of my craft. I came home with angora from a bunny named Chloe to spin and some fabulous handspun silk to make socks. I was so overwhelmed that I had to go back twice to just drink it all in. Besides that I spent a couple days just walking around the historic district and eating (way too much) My husband skiied and we spent our evenings in front of the copper fireplace in our room at a wonderful bed and breakfast. We plan to go back at another time of the year so we can get the full flavor of this charming Southwest diamond.
Well I promise again I will get this picture things figured out and start posting some of the shop and all that's going on there. Of course when we had our spinning workshop I was so caught up in it I forgot to take any. We are having a superbowl day on Feb. 3 and I will make up for it then. Got to go; I hear the dog drinking out of the toilet.


Bea said...

a winter sale!!! save some stuff for me, because you know, a girl can never have too much yarn :)

handheldlady said...

You are my blog hero - J the other handheld lady