Friday, July 16, 2010

Knitting challenges

Last night we convened for our weekly wonderful customer social knitting/crochet group at the shop. We meet from 6:00 - 8:00 every Thursday. Karen took a picture of the gathering. We had birthday treats, some wine, and some great people.

Ideas, inspiration, and skills were shared among the range of novice to experienced knitters. One topic that came up was the notion that there are some folks out there who are intimidated by our shop's specialty - they don't know enough about knitting or crocheting to be one of "us". That makes me sad, 'cause I've always thought our mission was to provide, not only quality materials and tools, but the help with that stuff - no experience required. We provide the support that a general craft store cannot: learn to knit and crochet classes, project classes, drop-in help, answering quick questions, hand holding, as well as bringing together a community of knitters and crocheters that help one another.

For example, I was sitting next to Amy who was finishing up her summer lace, a fabulous form-fitting Vogue cover-up, and she needed help on the crochet edge. Tracie coached her on the first step and she then asked me if she was doing the crab stitch correctly. Well, I can't crochet my way out a paper bag, so I went to get Knitter's Companion for a reference. Sadly, we were sold out. So, I asked Barbara if she knew how to do that stitch. She sat with Amy for the duration and then Amy modeled the finished garment! Voila!

In addition, Jane was teaching how to knit lace, while I coached Andrea, who knows how to stand on her head (which is much harder), on some new stitch patterns. These are just of few of my observations. My point is that all it take is the desire to learn. Knitting and crocheting are not "hard". Life is hard and we're all doing that successfully - sometimes better on a particular day than the next - but we can do knitting an crocheting together and help each other along the way with all the rest, too!

Love you guys!

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