Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Karen and Cassy

Colleen and I celebrated our birthdays this summer and are now in the midst of some required physical maintenance. While we are recuperating and Sarah Jo is apprenticing in Ohio, we are relying heavily on the talents of Karen and Cassy. If you haven't met them yet you will really enjoy them. Both are U. of A. students with different backgrounds and talents. They are both hard workers, very responsible young women and great enthusiastic knitters. Karen is KKPwnall on Ravelry and has a blog and Cassy is casystotyle on Ravelry and her blog is Two cool girls, two cool styles.

So, Block Ave. is getting a tune up, Colleen and I are getting improved parts and knitting goes on! Karen and Cassie are minding our continued "sidewalk" sale to make room or new yarn. It's starting to arrive along with new ideas for fall, holiday projects and gifts.

I hope you hang in there with us - your support is so precious. Drop in and have a chat and a knit with Karen and Cassy!

Love ya,

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Cassy said...

Awwwwwwww... very sweet post... *blush*.