Friday, December 7, 2007

Early Rainy Morning

Not much time to blog these days. Im feveriously knitting away for those small gifts I have planned. Everybody on my list has a sock done for them; now for the second one. (does anybody out there know a deserving one footed person?) I think after the holidays I am done with socks for awhile. I do love knitting them but I think I need a bigger project for the new year. (of course my Vivian Hoxboro would fit the bill nicely). Wanted to let everybody know that the tree we submitted for the Alzheimers auction got a honorable mention for the most original one. We want to thank all our knitter for their contributions to the tree and we hope we can make this an annual event. Our community of knitters keeps growing and it is wonderful to see how everyone is on board when it comes to a charitable project. Well its time to get out of this bathrobe(dont even try to get a visual) and get down to the shop. Hope to see you all at this Sunday's last minute knitted gifts event. Colleen


Bea said...

What time will it start?

handheldlady said...

Bea; the last minute knitted gifts will start at 1pm and go unitl 4:30pm