Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holidays are approaching

Ok, I'm almost sure everyone is feeling like me. Out of control and way behind.(except the friend I saw the other day who said she had 2/3 of her list finished) What list? Was I supposed to make a list? Ok I'll make one on Dec. 26th. Hopefully it will include taking down the Christmas tree. (that assumes I've put one up by then.)

Speaking of Christmas trees, our wonderful knitters at the shop helped us put a knitted tree together for the Alzheimers fund raising Christmas Festival. You can see a small portion of it in the picture. Mostly you see our beautiful shop cat, Sasha, gazing at it. I wish we could have kept the tree at the shop for the holiday season. It was great to see all the effort that our knitters went to and how perfectly it all turned out. Boy, when we took it to the community center it was a little bit intimidating because most of the trees were surrounded by decorators putting feathers here and shiny balls there and getting all sorts of advise from all the other decorators. But when I let myself see the uniqueness of ours and community effort it took and the homespun Christmas feel of it, I felt awfully proud. (just like Charlie Brown) We did mention to the director of the affair that if nobody bid on it we wanted to because we truly would like to see it back in the shop.
Now that I can post pictures(it was a family effort) I hope to show you some of the lovlies that we have worked up a t the shop. We are going to have a Sunday event on Dec. 9 for doing some last minute gifts and Joy and I are working on some of them now. Maybe I can get some pics this week end. This blogging stuff keeps me going in my knitting just so I can show it off finished. (I may even get to my Ravelry account and start posting things there: that is if I can get off my computer) I guess that means it's time for me to get going. Happy Knitting


Bea said...

by hook or by crook i will be there on the 9th! and robby isn't in my lap anymore :P, i only knit at night or in the car! i'm so bummed i missed the event, i hope i get some baby free time soon, now that rob is done with school, it's payback time :D

Cozy Knitting said...

That is the most perfect Sasha pic yet. She looks Mahvelous!

Carrie said...

SASHA!!!! The tree is fabulous! I love it!