Friday, March 5, 2010

A(n almost) Spring Rainbow!

The votes are in, and the winner is... Noro Silk Garden! 72% of those that voted preferred Silk Garden, followed by 27% for "one Hand Held doesn't carry" (if Ya'll could elaborate on that in the form of a comment, it would be appreciated), and Kureyon and Taiyo tied at 18%.

As You may know, March is Noro Month here at Hand Held. We'll be hosting several brightly-coloured events throughout the month - i believe tomorrow's slipped stitch hat class is full, but we still have the pattern (and yarn, of course) available, and if You've always wanted to try entralac but never have, we've got a class for that on the 27th!

Each week we'll have a different Noro yarn on sale - check Your inbox for newsletter updates.

This week's is Kureyon - for one more day, it's 25% off!

Joy has been having fun with Taiyo. This sweater is from Noro Flowers book 4.

And, not Noro but perfect for spring, we're getting in some wonderful new summer yarns! Amoung them, Jil Eaton Cottontail

and beautiful lacy scarf kits from Jade Sapphire

with more coming every day!

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